Monday, August 20, 2012

Stories of the come............

A peek inside my fairytales in progress......entitled "Tales of the Heart from the Faerie Realm of Sunapee"..........

"As the Princess entered through the curved doorway, her eyes became like moons.  The little fairy shop before her held a treasure trove.  All imaginings of glitter and glore sat before her on gold tables.  A glittery mist drifted along the floor covering the feet of any faerie who passed into the shop’s magical walls.  Wands with glittering stars filled a bright pink glowing pot and the Princess could not help but reach out and touch one.  Her fingers glowed as glitter sprayed out from its tip.  Startled, she jerked her hand back and the faerie shopkeeper giggled behind her back.  “Just a little sparkle for you………” she said.  The Princess smiled and walked slowly backwards in awe staring at all the beautiful glittering things that filled the faerie shop.  Vials of wing mist, glitter dust and shimmering ribbons floated in the air.  Mushroom-shaped candy sat in bright brass pots on a table before her just waiting for her taste.  Each one was a different color with sweet sugared dots adorning its capped top.  Twinkling stars peeked out at her from inside a glass jar.  A cork top held them in as they jumped within hoping for her touch.  When let loose from their glass cage, they floated and flopped about any room to illumine any faerie celebration.  In another glass jar were jumping hearts.  Faerie lore was that these jumping hearts would bring love to the holder if they could keep them within their pockets without them escaping.  For it was known that jumping hearts were hard to keep within a faerie’s reach. 

As she gazed with wonder, she noticed a lot of faerie wishing coins.  To the bearer, it was said a wish would come true if thrown into the magical lake under the full moon.  On another low table, she saw a jar filled with noogs blinking their little lights.  Purploon juice dripped into the jar for the noogs to drink their fill.  The Princess turned and noticed a fountain that sprayed a blue-green mist.  She stood beneath it and felt the cool spray and turned in circles with her arms spread wide.  Her skin glowed and glittered and the Princess knew she had entered into a land of wonder.  Her eyes became heavy and the Princess noticed a pink pillow upon the floor.  She sat and laid her head against it and told herself it would be just for a moment.  She soon drifted off and the faerie shopkeeper smiled, knowing that it was the perfect spot for her to rest......"

Monday, August 6, 2012

WithKidsGlasgow Guest Blog Post.......

Following is a link to my guest blog post on the WithKidsGlasgow blog page!

My Dreams.......

When I find something that touches my heart, I follow it.  One of my dreams is to help children achieve their dreams.  I have always wanted to be involved with organizations that support children.  I hope to make a difference, somehow, in the world with my writing, which is inspired by my own journey in life.  I know how difficult life can be from personal experience.  My passion comes from seeing and experiencing how important support and encouragement  are to children and their families.  No matter how difficult the circumstances along the way, anything is possible eventhough at times we only have hope keeping us afloat.  I feel that every problem brings with it an opportunity for things to be much better than we ever imagined.

There is a strong connection for me with the WithKids organization because I have struggled with believing in myself my entire life.  Knowing that someone cares makes all the difference in the life of a child, single parent or family.

“Once Upon a Time” was a gift to me in the form of amazing actors portraying fairytale characters, as well as their alter egos in a reality-based world where no happy endings existed.  At a time in my life when I felt there would be no happy endings, it gave me hope that the curse could be broken and that magic in my life was possible again.

Having had a love of fairytales since childhood, I was drawn to “Once Upon a Time” from the beginning and discovered actors I had never seen before which opened up an entirely new world for me.  I was fascinated by Mr. Carlyle’s portrayal of the infamous character of fairytale lore, Rumplestiltskin.  In my search to learn more about his previous work late one night, I found the interview he had done with WithKidsGlasgow, which captured my heart.  His interview was so heartfelt in every way, especially when he spoke about the children and families, and of his father.  I was inspired by his relationship with his father, the love he had for him, the care and sacrifices that were made, and how his father supported him unconditionally and without question in his quest to be an actor.  His father encouraged him to do what was in his heart, which I feel is the key that opens the magic door to the life we are all meant to have.  Mr. Carlyle’s interview and the information I found inspired me to move forward to find a way I could help. 

After this, I started seeking out information about WithKidsGlasgow, as well as following the “Once Upon a Time” fan sites and noticed that people were undertaking various fundraising efforts which drew me in even further, and I wanted to find some way to be a part of this effort.  I was quite taken with WithKidsGlasgow and their work in connection with instilling hope and confidence in children’s lives.  I feel every child should have access to someone in their lives who will give the support they need, such as WithKidsGlasgow who provide services to both children and families who need help in overcoming difficulties and to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The interview and WithKidsGlasgow’s work resonated with me beyond words and was a catalyst for me to promote my book and not stop this time.  I now have a reason that compels me to not give up.   As Mr. Carlyle said in the interview, “…..don’t drop the ball”.  And, “……don’t ever let anyone take your dreams from you”.

I am hoping that others will become aware of all that is going on in this world today more than ever and be open to helping in any way they can and use their talents as a catalyst to do so.  There are so many children, families and organizations that are in need of support and wonderful ambassadors such as Mr. Carlyle.   I believe that anything is possible and that there are people in this world that really care and “Once Upon a Time” has brought a very giving group of people together who want to contribute in any way possible in connection with WithKidsGlasgow work in helping children and families work through the issues they face each day.  WithKidsGlasgow is an impressive organization in providing a myriad of support services to children and their families.

I have offered to donate 50% of all profits from the sale of my book, “Clams in Cups:  Legends of the Heart” for the next year to WithKidsGlasgow, with the hope it will help support some part of their extensive and amazing efforts.

I am grateful to have been asked to contribute to the WithKidsGlasgow site and want to thank the staff, as well as Derek Howie for allowing me to be a part of their efforts.  One of my dreams is coming true.  My message - please remember that no matter what, you are not “less than”…… are MORE!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Always believe in your dreams......

In my efforts to promote my book in connection with my work as an aspiring fundraiser.........I am continuing to seek out more ways to connect with people.  As in a previous post, 50% of all profits from sales of my book for the next year will be given to WithKidsGlasgow in Scotland..........a wonderful organization that works to support children and families in every way possible.  Following is a link to the Once Upon a Fan site's Amazon Store where my book can also be purchased:    

Please watch for a new post coming soon that will be revealed on the WithKidsGlasgow blog site......a post I was asked to write as a "guest" in connection with their fundraising efforts.  Follow your dreams!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Once Upon a Time Fans UK - New Post!

Once Upon a Time Fans in the UK has recently included an article about my book and fundraising efforts in connecton with WithKidsGlasgow.  To view the full article, please go to:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Goal.......

.....I feel I now (and have always known in my heart) have a real reason to promote my writing and truly know without a doubt my "passion" is to be involved with children's charities and use my writing as a catalyst.  My present and future goal is to donate a percentage of all book sale profits to various charities for children, working with them to promote fundraising efforts. Connect with me on (RebelMuseDesign) or (diane.caron.2012).

Sunday, July 22, 2012

WithKids Glasgow

The following was posted by the "With Kids" organization recently and I would love to be a part of this wonderful effort.  A percentage of profits of any sales of my book in the next year will be donated to this worthy charity.  I am hoping they will have much success with their auction in September!

"The Once Upon A Time fans fundraising total now stands at £3,310 and that's before the auction in September! The lovely Robert Carlyle will be donating the chipped cup from the Skin Deep episode which is fantastic. We're very much looking forward to seeing what other goodies there will be!"